Got Bleachers?  Add the Perfect Site Amenities to Complement Your Seating

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Feb 19, 2019 4:00:00 AM


    Whether you are working on designing a new outdoor sports field, community park, greenspace or other athletic facility, there is so much that goes into the planning process.

    When it comes to athletics, we are immediately drawn to what is required to play the game. Items such as soccer goals, football uprights, turf, field paint, etc. are usually the first to get squared away. Following closely behind is the determination as to what kind of seating will be required for the new location. While requirements definitely differ from location to location and are based on what prospective sport is scheduled to be played, most will settle on either a smaller 3-10 row bleacher structure or opt for a larger seating structure such as a complete grandstand.

    The complementary amenities market is exploding as designers, planners and operators are looking for additional ways to make the most out of their facility. Below we have broken down the top three site amenities suited to accommodate your next bleacher seating purchase.


    These come in many shapes and sizes and can be quite versatile depending on what is ultimately selected. When it comes to on-field play, nothing complements both the seating and the product on the field more than our players’ benches. Made from the same aluminum used to design our stellar bleacher line-up, these benches are available with or without back rests and allow players and coaching staff members a place to rest between plays.

           TD_field_-_players_benches1    plastic-bench-with-backrest

    Additionally, our plastic park benches are perfect for any open-air spaces, allowing for a comfortable place to sit at any time. The best part? These benches are environmentally friendly and are constructed from 100% recycled materials.

    Scorers Tables

    Similarly, community and school sports teams alike need a place to keep score and track data such as player and game-time statistics. If your bleacher seating is without amenities such as a full-scale press box, we proudly design and manufacture tables of different lengths and widths to accommodate those looking to keep score.


    Portable Seating

    Let’s face it; every game isn’t a sellout. When the demand arises on game day or for other events, ensure your facility is able to accommodate the masses with portable seating options. These bleachers are often smaller in nature and come equipped with tow and wheel kits that allow them to be moved using pick-up trucks, tractors or ATVs and are perfect for moving from location to location when the need arises.


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