Grandstand Bleachers for the City of Columbus, Nebraska

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Jun 19, 2018 5:59:27 AM


    Located in eastern Nebraska lies the small town of Columbus, an area rich with history and located close to Omaha, the state’s largest city.

    Much like Omaha, Columbus was originally a pioneer town, offering early settlers excellent land for crops and access to the Loup and Platte rivers. Today, Columbus is a tight-knit community of roughly 22,000 residents that boasts over 20 city parks and public facilities offering residents the very best the area has to offer.

    As part of some upgrades to one of the city’s largest parks, municipal officials reached out to our team through our partners at Crouch Recreation in Nebraska. Dubbed the “picnic capital of Nebraska,” Pawnee Park boasts over 150 acres of space along the Loup River that has become a favourite family location among visitors and residents alike.

    In addition to baseball diamonds, basketball courts, bicycle paths, disc golf fields, a horseshoe court, a playground, a running track and swimming pool, the park also has a full-size football field for community teams and events.

    It was here where our partners at Crouch Recreation were enlisted to help the city plan the next phase of bleacher seating at the football field. One challenging aspect of the project was that the park was designed with the baseball and football stadiums located back-to-back. With one set of bleachers already in place for the baseball diamond, a new grandstand was needed for the football side.


    Having worked with Crouch Recreation numerous times before, our teams collaborated and set out to design a completely customized bleacher system that would fit in the allotted space. In addition to elevating the bleacher above ground level, the city wanted to ensure the structure would be completely inclusive, adding in a completely accessible portion that would have ramp access and would meet all of the specifications of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

    With our partners on the ground, our team was able to acquire the necessary and exact measurements as well as on-site photos to effectively design the new structure. After the design was finalized, our team got to work on manufacturing the challenging structure.

    Upon completion, the bleacher was shipped directly to Nebraska where Crouch Recreation took over and completed the installation.

    Today, the structure accommodates nearly 800 spectators and has become a regular topic of conversation around Columbus and the surrounding areas.


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