Gymnasiums Used as Multipurpose Facilities

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Nov 28, 2018 4:10:00 AM


    Gymnasiums, once used solely for basketball games or gym class in public schools during the 1960s and 1970s are now becoming popular venues for social and community events. Over the decades, the large open space design of gymnasiums has been used as a makeshift setting for a large capacity banquet or an occasional awards assembly for the small local community. Fortunately, in the designs of today’s gyms, this multi-purpose concept has been embraced and modernized to accommodate an array of activities from sports and athletics to community events.

    Making Your Facility a Winner

    Whether you are interested in renovating and upgrading an existing gymnasium or creating a brand new one, solutions are available. With sports equipment, seating and lighting options available come in an array of designs ranging from stationary to foldable and even retractable, to allow space for other purposes. Gym divider curtains are also available to section off spaces for various events. Additionally, there is a wide selection of flooring options as well, all of which will help in making your facility a winner. 

    Planning For Future Expansion

    The sports industry is ever changing and many facilities experience fluctuations in their budget. Therefore, planning for future expansion makes the most sense. Even for facilities that house a small basic gymnasium that is reflective of the 1970s era, when the opportunity for upgrades presents itself, then make the most of those spending dollars and seek the expertise of a design architect or sports equipment planner. These professionals can help you determine how to make the most of your space in a way that will promote growth and flexibility.

    Boost Revenue With Flexible Spaces

    When a facility provides the opportunity for the space to be used in various ways, it opens the door for increased revenue. Rather than an area being utilized for one sole purpose that is seasonal or sporadic, make changes in the design so it can be rented for banquets, concerts, etc. all year round. 

    Worried about your gym flooring?  Consider adding a gym floor cover to your facility specifically designed for these types of events - guaranteed to keep your floor in tip-top shape. 

    Consider the Design

    To accommodate the concept and functionality of “multipurpose” and “multiuse”, design must be carefully planned. This holds true for both remodelling and new builds. While it is helpful to have retractable equipment, making a space truly multi-functional goes much deeper than that.

    The space needs to be attractive to its variety of users. No one will want to rent out a space for a banquet if it still feels like a standard basketball court. This is where preplanning is essential, being sure that the space is designed with every potential use in mind. During the planning stages consider the various groups of people who will make use of the facility and accommodate as many as possible. Take into account the features such as parking, entry and exit points, flooring, lighting, and acoustics, as all of these aspects are important factors during the design process.

    Any facility can become a great multipurpose space with the proper weighing of options and with careful planning.




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