How to Choose the Best System for Your Outdoor Basketball Court

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Aug 11, 2020 6:00:00 AM


    Choosing the right outdoor basketball wall mount system to suit your needs is paramount to successfully equipping your court, whether for a school yard, community centre, or otherwise. However, with such a wide range of hoops to choose from, it can become overwhelming. Here, we will offer a few tips on what you should consider before making a purchase.

    For starters, there are 3 main designs to choose from, including the Wall-Mount, In-Ground, and Portable systems. While all three types serve a purpose, the wall-mount system is superior when it comes to stability and durability and is ideal for smaller basketball court areas.

    The primary factors to consider when selecting a hoop wall-mount system are size, rim, and the type of backboard needed.

    Choosing the Best Size Backboard

    The most common sizes for backboards are 54” x 36”, 60” x 38”, and 72” x 42”. The smaller options are great space savers if your objective is to provide a goal for fun recreational purposes. However, if you’re equipping an outdoor basketball court for competitive training, then the 72” backboard is highly recommended.

    Why the Backboard Material Matters

    It’s also important to understand the difference between tempered glass and acrylic backboards because it plays a role in how the hoop performs and how the ball bounces. If you’ve ever played a game of basketball and dealt with a shaky or vibrating backboard, you undoubtedly noticed how much more difficult it was to make a goal or even predict what the ball was going to do. This can be caused by an unstable mounted system or because the backboard is constructed with inferior acrylic material.

    The glass-looking acrylic backboards are by far the least expensive, but because they have little flexibility or “give”, this can result in the ball dropping flat or hitting dead spots.

    On the other hand, tempered glass backboards allow the ball to spin, bounce, and give the same performance as the goals used by professionals, colleges, and high schools.

    Choosing the Best Rim

    The rims on basketball hoops are typically 18” in diameter and are either adjustable or static, with the static design being the least desirable. An adjustable rim can be lowered or raised, via a crank system or pole mechanism. This feature offers lots of flexibility and is ideal when the players are children, adults, and a mixture of skill levels. The adjustable rim also enables those motivated players who aspire to be like Michael Jordan and hang from the hoop.

    In addition to selecting the best wall-mount system for your needs, also consider proper placement. For instance, the regulation height of a basketball goal is 10’, meaning the top of the rim should measure 10’ from the ground. By opting for the adjustable hoop, you’ll be able to lower it for younger players until they are familiar with the game.

    Also, when designing your basketball court, if possible, allow for a 5’ space between the baseline and goal, which will create a safe playing area. Then, prior to installing the wall-mount, be sure to protect the wall that you are securing it to, as this will prevent damage and costly repairs down the road.

    By following these suggestions in purchasing and installing your outdoor wall-mount, you will be creating a great playing area for your sporting activities.



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