How to Properly Maintain Your Gym Mats

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Feb 5, 2015 4:00:00 AM



    When outfitting a facility with new equipment or accessories, a comprehensive maintenance program should be in place to extend the life of your new product as much as possible. Gym mats are no exception and with the proper care, you will enjoy a longer product life cycle, saving you money on recurring replacement costs.

    Keeping Gym Mats Clean

    This step requires a fair bit of work but can really pay dividends in the long run. Cleaning is arguably the most important aspect of maintaining gym mats. In addition to regular wiping, a thorough disinfecting on a weekly basis will not only keep the mat in great shape, but will keep participants protected from bacteria and other unwanted organisms that can accumulate after extended use.

    As far as cleaning solutions go, a regular commercial solution or a simple bleach and water solution mixed at a 10:1 ratio will do the job handily.


    This does not apply to every situation or mat, but can often aid in getting more hours out of your mats if the damage is not too significant. There are suppliers who sell simple repair kits that give you everything you need to remedy a small crack or tear in your mat, allowing you to get it back into play quickly.

    We do not recommend repair or patch kits for mats with extensive cracking or other types of damage due to the obvious safety concerns that can arise with a product that is not fit to function properly.

    Other Tips

    Maintaining a consistent temperature in the location where your gym mats are stored and used goes a long way in protecting your mats’ durability and longevity. We recommend keeping the room temperature above 50°F (10°C) for optimal mat use.

    Many facilities today are also restricting the use of shoes on their gym mats and athletic equipment. It is no secret that shoes, particularly shoes worn outdoors, can cause major damage to athletic mats. We recommend clean shoes restricted for indoor use or no shoes at all to extend the life of your gym mats.

    Just as any maintenance program, setting it up can be half the battle. Incorporating a system using the simple guidelines above is relatively easy and guarantees to keep your gym mats in terrific shape for years to come.

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