Inclusivity and Calming Spaces: Dovercourt Recreation Centre Receives New Safety Padding

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Sep 30, 2022 3:39:19 PM


    Recreation centres provide community members with access to a variety of resources. With intentional efforts made to promote inclusivity, programming can range from bingo for the elderly
    to after-school programs for children and swimming facilities for families. However, catering to a diverse community also presents challenges. For individuals with physical, cognitive, or behavioural challenges, these centres must also provide properly trained staff and additional accommodations in their buildings. With organizations such as the Dovercourt Recreation Centre, special attention has been placed on meeting the needs of those experiencing behavioural difficulties. To address the centre’s goal, our team was brought in to provide a safe “calming space” for their facility.

    After traveling locally, our team was introduced to the facility’s directors and caretakers. With limited space available, the Dovercourt Recreation Centre was depending on our team to convert a trailer into a designated “calming room.” The intent behind this project was to offer a place of refuge for individuals needing a place to deescalate, find calm, and self-regulate in a safe space. Rather than exclude community members due to their triggered behaviours, a space would exist that could be utilized if needed.

    Before starting work, our team needed to sit down and review the measurements of the space being utilized. Due to the uncommon nature of the room, several obstructions had to be avoided and the project was customized in several ways. Ultimately, our team found a solution to each challenge and provided state-of-the-art wall and floor padding in the trailer.

    While this project was unique in nature, the outcome mirrored that of all of our endeavors. With our clients expressing their satisfaction with the newly padded trailer, our team’s confidence was further strengthened. It is our hope that the new accommodations offered by Dovercourt Recreation Centre will continue to promote inclusivity and recognize the needs of all community members.


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