Installing Permanent In-Ground Soccer Goals

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    May 11, 2017 4:00:00 AM


    With soccer seasons kicking off across North America over the next couple of months, many organizations, schools, and other facilities are putting the finishing touches on their athletic surfaces and indoor and outdoor fields.

    As some might be still assessing the damage from this past winter, we are taking plenty of orders for new PORTABLE or permanent soccer goals across the United States and Canada. 

    As these orders continue to pile in, with them come many requests and questions regarding the installation of said soccer goals.  While the portable units require a relatively simple assembly process, our permanent goals are slightly more involved, requiring a bit more prep before they are ready for use.

    With that in mind, we have created the video below for you to view as well as accompanying step-by-step instructions as detailed below for your reference.




    Prepare Post Holes       

    These holes can be prepared in one of two ways and often depend on the soil composition of the field or surface you are planning to install the goals on.  If the soil is relatively rocky, you will want to enlist the services of a local hydrovac excavator if it is within your budget.

    Generally speaking, these holes can be dug by hand in about an hour’s time.  Each hole should measure approximately 16” in diameter and should be 45” in depth.

    Prepare Your Concrete Mixture

    This is the glue that will eventually hold your soccer goals in place.  Ensure your mixture is properly mixed and apply a small base to the bottom of your post holes that will allow you to plumb the structure before permanently securing it.

    Assemble Your Goals

    Each goal comes in three pieces: the cross bar and two posts.  They are easily conjoined at each junction and are fastened using the supplied hardware.

    Raise & Plumb Goal

    This process should be completed with at least two people or more.  Gently raise the secured frame and place into in-ground post holes.  At this point, you will enlist the assistance of a survey instrument (if available) or your trusty level.  Be sure to level out the entire structure, ensuring it is plumb in both post holes.

    Secure the Goal

    Now you will want to secure the goal posts using the remaining concrete mixture.  Do not fill each post hole to the top of the hole.  As a general rule of thumb, we like to leave about a 6”-12” for backfilling and finishing the process.

    Finishing Touches

    It is at this point you will fill each hole with topsoil and fresh grass seed to successfully complete the installation of your new soccer goals.



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