Is Your Athletic Facility Safe?

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Jan 17, 2019 5:40:00 AM

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    Athletic facilities are popular for a variety of events. Some facilities are designed for multi-purpose use while others are designed specifically for sporting events. Regardless of how your facility is used, safety is always a key concern, especially considering the high volume of people using the equipment.

    From spectators using the bleachers to athletes using the basketball backstops again and again, routine inspection and maintenance is a must. Just as wear and tear occurs on a vehicle, any athletic facility also requires attention.

    When you consider the frequency, weight and movement that occurs on bleachers during an event, the necessity of routine maintenance quickly becomes apparent. Basketball backstops, which can weigh several hundred pounds, also pose a great concern if neglected. 

    The wear and tear of routine use of equipment over time, along with the rare occurrences of bolts becoming loose or cables fraying, weakening or becoming unaligned, could cause catastrophic accidents to occur if not properly maintained.

    It is vital that you keep your facility as productive and safe as possible and to ensure this happens, risk management needs to take place carefully and diligently to ensure the safety of everyone in a facility, whether athlete or spectator.

    The Benefits of Ceiling-Mounted Designs

    Basketball backstops come in a variety of styles and include portable units as well as the wall and ceiling-mounted design styles that are so popular today. While all of them work well, the ceiling-suspended basketball system is by far one of the most commonly used options. This design takes up far less storage space than the portable units and the wall mounts may not always work for the purpose or available space.


    The ceiling-mounted design not only provides space-saving options but is also quite versatile and durable and when compared to portable basketball backstops, they require a lot less maintenance.

    Routine Inspections and Maintenance

    It is important that athletic equipment is routinely maintained. Just as you tighten a bolt that has loosened in a chair or desk, the bolts on ceiling-hung basketball hoops should be inspected as well. Bolts and fasteners loosen over time, whether on a desk, chair or door hinge and even those ceiling-suspended basketball systems.

    Occasionally the only requirement is a visual inspection but thorough inspections should be done as well. These inspections include the evaluation of all safety straps, pulleys and cables as well as checking out the welds and fasteners. Another aspect of inspection that may often be overlooked is the proper alignment of equipment and being sure that all moving parts are well lubricated so equipment is not only safe but also lasts a long time.

    The Orange Zone Maintenance and Safety Program provides routine inspections and maintenance of all gymnasium equipment to ensure both safety and longevity. After each inspection, we provide you with a detailed report of our findings—complete with service work recommendations—to ensure the facility is up to our Orange Zone standard.


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