It's Cold Outside, But it's Warm in the Gym

    Posted by Jeff Hurrle

    Nov 28, 2013 10:37:00 AM


    Winter is upon us! The temperature may be dropping, but the indoor sports season is just heating up. There's no rest for the chilly, so don't let cold temperatures and snow on the field get in the way of your team's training regimen. When it is time to bring the sports indoors for the winter season, will your space be ready? Sports Systems can outfit your gym space or indoor arena with all the necessary equipment for the winter season.
    Gym Mats & Pads A soft landing is key to any indoor training space. Whether it's marital arts, indoor soccer, or a physical education class, safety is always top priority. Since indoor flooring can be less forgiving than outdoor turf and grass, soften the blow with our heavy duty vinyl gym mats. Our colorful interlocking mats will protect your athletes against injury and protect your gym floor against heavy traffic this winter. Taking a tumble never felt so good!

    Wall Padding No indoor sports facility is complete without a padded perimeter. Sports Systems will customize to your needs, ensuring a safe space for indoor athletics and training year-round. We can even print your logo or team mascot for you to proudly display on the walls! Just like your (matching!) SSCI gym mats, our wall padding is easy to clean, making maintenance a breeze. Winter won't be slowing your athletes down - they'll be bouncing off the walls until spring!

    Gym Divider Curtains Now that the snow is flying, it might be getting pretty cozy housing all of your sports activities under one roof. Though the goal is for your off-season athletes to keep a competitive edge this winter, they shouldn't need to compete for practice space. Now you can partition your arena or gym space with simply the push of a button! Our divider curtains will keep loose soccer and lacrosse balls from interrupting gymnastics and basketball practice, allowing for shared space and shared training time. What's the best part? When it's time to open the court for a basketball game, simply roll up the curtain into its discreet ceiling storage space, and voila! You are ready for tip off!

    Don't sweat the cold weather, let our experts here at Sport Systems prepare you to house all your winter athletics this season. When your warm-weather teams don't know the meaning of "off-season," we'll help you provide them with the perfect space they'll need to train all year long!

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