Keep It In Play with our Portable Boundary Systems

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Dec 7, 2017 6:57:19 AM

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    When it comes to creating a barrier that is safe for players and one that can keep the game contained, solutions vary. From netting to fencing products, there is no shortage of options on the market today that can keep pucks, balls and players inside a pre-determined field of play.

    With a rise in organized street hockey tournaments, backyard games and other events, the need for a safe alternative to rigid fence barriers is now more apparent than ever. As parents, organizers and players aim to keep play as safe as possible, many have entered into the foray of custom padding barriers for their facility or event.

    Constructed of the same open-cell, high-density foam found in much of our padding products, our boundary systems are also draped with our ultra-durable vinyl covering for added protection. Constructed on a pad-by-pad basis, the barrier itself is constructed using a number of different padding sections to complete the barrier. Each of the sections are equipped with a Velcro strap to attach adjoining panels and are light enough for users to carry and place where needed.

    Additional Uses

    Aside from hockey-type play, organizations such as community centres and YMCAs across North America are turning to these containment systems. In addition to athletic play and games, these pads are used in a variety of training exercises for military personnel and for teaching young players about the proper techniques for body checking or tackling, depending on the sport.


    Unlike their close relative, our rink divider pads, these boundary systems are created in a triangular shape. This design allows for more surface area at the base, which can range from between 15” and 24” in width.



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