Landmark Strength Receives New Motorized Centre-Drive Curtains

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Feb 15, 2022 12:24:36 PM

    Landmark Strength 2-01For most, maintaining a healthy lifestyle becomes increasingly difficult with age. For school-aged children and teens, gym-class participation is enforced and competitive sports are highly encouraged. However, the transition from youth to adulthood is often accompanied by increased
    responsibility, a decreased amount of free time, and less accountability surrounding one’s fitness. Addressing the need for accountability and instruction, Landmark Strength has capitalized on the increasing popularity of CrossFit programs.

    Located in Ottawa, Ontario, Landmark Strength is more than just a typical gym. Upholding the
    philosophy of CrossFit, Landmark Strength approaches healthy living from a holistic point of view (“What is CrossFit?”; “Programs”). Devoted to helping people, “become the best version of [themselves]” (“About Us”), owners Val Hoang and Rob Lalonde have utilized their experiences and certifications to create a fitness environment like no other.

    Officially opened to the public in 2015, Landmark Strength offers members a variety of resources. In addition to their CrossFit program, personal training, team training, holistic nutrition, and programs designed for children and teens are included in the gym’s offerings. While the multiplicity of classes offered and increasing membership are positive outcomes, the need to fully utilize the gym’s space had become urgent. With 11,000 sq. ft. available, Landmark Strength enlisted the expertise of Sport Systems to determine how to best use the space.

    Landmark Strength 1-01

    Upon our team’s inspection of the facility, it was proposed that two of our floor-to-ceiling Motorized Centre-Drive Curtains would enhance the space immensely. The flexibility that these
    curtains provide to the gym allows for large group workouts or several small sessions. This product does more than just utilize the gym’s space, however. Able to be adjusted at twice the
    speed of normal gym dividers, these curtains preserve the precious time devoted to each class.

    Landmark Fitness is a business that our team admires. With an emphasis on efficiency and active living, it’s easy to see the positive impact that is being made on our community. Always desiring to contribute towards such efforts, we hope to work with Landmark Fitness again in the years to come.

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