Life’s a Beach - Play Volleyball!

    Posted by Jeff Hurrle

    Jan 14, 2014 12:53:00 PM


    It might be hard to imagine as we brave the cold of winter, but before long it will be spring again. When the snow melts, athletes - amateurs and professionals alike - will be coming out of hibernation ready to play outside again. Among one of the most popular warm-weather activities these days is beach volleyball. But the sport has expanded far beyond its coastal roots, now a staple at just about any outdoor facility!

    Inspired by its indoor equivalent, beach volleyball was born as a summer leisure activity in California in the1920s.

    With the appeal of its fun and simple nature, the game quickly grew in popularity. It wasn’t long before California club teams formed, staging friendly competitions across town lines. This growing interest in beach volleyball soon stretched across the globe, with the first professional tournament held in France in 1960.

    The world-wide love of outdoor volleyball was contagious, and from there it continued to gain immense popularity as a professional sport. By 1976, the first professional beach volleyball tournament was held in California. The winners won the World Championship title, qualifying for the Olympic games to follow.

    Now a wildly popular Olympic event, beach volleyball still knows its leisurely roots, and it is enjoyed recreationally in a variety of summer venues worldwide. From state parks to apartment complexes, college campuses to private residences, people are bumping, setting, and spiking from coast to coast and everywhere inbetween!

    Outdoor volleyball makes great fun for all occasions, perfect game for bringing people together. Players of all skill levels - kids and adults, beginners and veterans - can play side by side and have a ball! Having a volleyball on hand is the easy part, so be sure your facility is equipped with the volleyball net to complete the set!

    Sport Systems offers a complete system of poles and net, perfect for all outdoor volleyball venues. Ideal for both grassy and sandy courts, our durable galvanized steel tubing paired with heavy-duty reinforced nylon netting will give even a recreational facility a professional, long-lasting outdoor volleyball set up!

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