Marian High School Receives New Outdoor Bleachers

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Sep 9, 2022 9:58:32 AM


    Towards the beginning of the summer, we introduced Marian High School to our readers while highlighting the Indoor Telescopic Bleachers that we provided for them. While most would expect a private, all-girls Catholic school to emphasize the value of extracurricular activities, Marian High School’s devotion to sports has earned them quite the reputation. Offering 11 Class A, state-sanctioned sports to their students, it was easy to see why the initial project we completed was so important. However, the addition of new indoor seating was only the beginning of our professional relationship with the school. Being recruited by the institution once again, our team began work on another seating solution — one that would be installed outdoors.

    Of Marian High School’s various sports teams, their soccer team is a major source of pride. Boasting 14 state titles already, the school anticipates continued success with their soccer program. As a result, the school determined that an investment in the soccer field’s spectator seating was warranted. Upon receiving the green light for the project, we reached out to our trusted partners at Crouch Recreation and the Adscreen group. Having participated together in several successful collaborations, we knew that this project would go off without a hitch.

    Starting work right away, Crouch Recreation served as a friendly face and the main point of contact throughout the project. Over on the construction site, the Adscreen Group got down to business gathering site details necessary for production. Meanwhile, our team manufactured the outdoor bleachers that we have earned a reputation for. Ultimately, the results of our combined efforts were two banks of 6-row bleachers that are powder coated in “Marian Blue.”


    With many individuals already anticipating another season of soccer, the new addition to Marian High School’s soccer field is the “cherry on top.” Not only will spectators be able to enjoy a classic game of soccer, but they will be able to do so in comfort. It is our hope that these bleachers will hold many fans for years to come and that Marian High School’s soccer team continues to experience immense success.


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