New Accessible Platform Built into an Existing Bleacher in North Carolina

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Apr 1, 2024 4:47:33 AM


    One of our recent projects had us working closely alongside our partners at Seating Safety Solutions back in the beautiful Tar Heel state. Working out of Liberty, North Carolina, Seating Safety Solutions has developed a reputation for being the best in bleacher seating throughout both North and South Carolina.

    This unique project involved an existing bleacher structure at a school we had worked at previously. As is the case with many older seating structures across the country, this bleacher was still in great condition, but lacked ramps and barrier-free seating areas and was without any allowances for accessible seating. With more inclusive seating structures becoming the norm, many are turning to us to help them add on to existing structures in an effort to make them ADA compliant. Ensuring that all spectators can enjoy the action on the field is an initiative we can all get behind and one we take seriously.


    The project was located at North Johnston High School, located southeast of Raleigh. Having an established relationship with the school after installing our custom ramps previously, this year’s call was to continue that work and design and install some completely custom ADA platforms for the front of the existing grandstand. The team at Seating Safety Solutions gathered a detailed takeoff on-site that our engineering team used to build off. 

    With site measurements in hand, our drafting team was able to produce a complete shop drawing of an ADA platform that would seamlessly attach to the grandstand. This new platform would provide spectators requiring mobility accommodations an unmitigated view of the field. 


    Once the project was approved, we immediately moved this order to our shop floor. After the manufacturing process, the parts were safely loaded and shipped directly to North Carolina. There they were met by the friendly and capable team at Seating Safety Solutions where their installation team made short work of making this new platform a reality.

    In the end, everything came together perfectly thanks to the teamwork displayed by all parties involved in this project. Ready in time for spring sports and next fall’s football season, we look forward to seeing this upgraded bleacher in use in the very near future.

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