New Barrier-Free Bleachers for Blessed Trinity Catholic High School

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Dec 12, 2023 5:07:42 AM


    Nestled along the shores of Lake Ontario in the province's beautiful Niagara Region lies the city of Grimsby. Retaining its small town charm despite being situated between Hamilton and Saint Catherine’s has been one of the major attractions for residents of this lovely town.

    We were brought to the region to take a look at a project at one of the city's schools. Blessed Trinity Catholic Secondary School operates in Grimsby as part of the Niagara Catholic District School Board which serves over 21,000 students across the region. 

    Teaming up with our partners at World Wide Turf, we were brought on board to help with a large project that included new artificial turf for the sports field at Blessed Trinity . In addition to the new turf, the school was in search of a new seating solution to house the fans that would cheer on school athletics on the upgraded field.

    Originally specified as two 8-row bleachers, we worked closely with key stakeholders at the school and the board and offered a suggestion to move forward with one longer bleacher rather than two separate structures.

    A larger bleacher provides improvements such as fewer side guard rails, which drastically improves sightlines as well as provides additional premium seating at the middle of the field for the best view of the action.


    It took little convincing and the school readily agreed to our suggestion. Our engineering team quickly got to work mocking up the new bleacher structure. All involved loved the new look including the added benefits of the singular bleacher. 

    The new bleacher was manufactured and shipped directly to the school where it was installed on schedule. The new bleacher features eight rows of seating and stretches 100’ in length. It allows for seating of up to 450 spectators and also provides six barrier-free seating areas for those needing specialized seating requirements. These custom notch outs allow for everyone in attendance to each have the opportunity to see the game from the best seating position possible.

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