New Bleachers & GameDay GraFX for Sir Frederick Banting Secondary School

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Dec 6, 2022 4:00:00 AM


    Located at the confluence of the Thames River is the City of London, Ontario. Founded in 1826, the once small village has blossomed into the largest municipality in southwestern Ontario and is one of the larger metropolitan areas in Canada.

    It’s a city that we have a rich history with as a company as well. Having recently worked at the University of Western Ontario, heading to this picturesque city is something our team always looks forward to. This trip was no different, this time having been commissioned by a local high school to replace outdated indoor bleachers.


    We found yet another school that was still using wooden retractable bleachers inside the gymnasium and so we were called upon to design a better solution. As the existing seating at Sir Frederick Banting High School had become cumbersome to operate and unsafe to use, the school ultimately decided on our 2400 Series Telescopic Bleachers, complete with an electrical motor to replace their outdated seating.

    Rather than having to use staff or faculty to operate the retractable seating structures, many schools and now opting for the upgrade to our motorized version. This allows electrical operation from a handheld device to easily open or close the bleacher structure in a matter of minutes. 

    Bringing customization to another level, our GameDay GraFX program piqued the interest of school stakeholders.  A program unique to our business, we have perfected the process of digitally adhering logos and other graphics to bleacher seats. The result is a durable, bright and eye-catching design that does not peel or wear off like decals often do.


    After seeing our other installations across the country, it was an easy decision for stakeholders to upgrade and design the bleachers using the school’s team colours and custom logo. After mocking up the design in our software, the school approved the new bleachers with the school’s Banting Bronco’s logo across the seating.

    Our team immediately got to work on the production of the bleacher system and the seats were sent to our printing facility where our state-of-the-art machinery and technicians took care of the rest. Following completion, the seating system was met at the school by our experienced installation team where it was installed efficiently and on-time.

    Today the new telescopic bleachers look amazing in the school’s gymnasium, adding another level of school spirit to yet another school.

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