New Wall Padding for a Church Gymnasium

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Mar 8, 2022 2:37:08 PM

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    We’ve always said, our strength as a company is as good as the people with whom we work. While most might think this refers to our immediate colleagues and co-workers, for us, it goes well
    beyond that.

    We have partners. A wide network of them. They include those that work in our front office, in our manufacturing facility, our suppliers and our trusted network of dealers spanning the globe.

    As an organization, onboarding new partners of any kind is not something we take lightly. When it comes to expanding our global footprint, we carefully select those who exhibit a set of shared values on which we have built this company for the past 40 years.

    One of our newest partners includes our trusted associates at the ABCO Group. Located in the Greater Toronto Area, ABCO has been serving its Ontario customers since the late 1980s and has grown to become one of the largest independent office furniture retailers in Canada.

    While seemingly unrelated to our business, we first met with ABCO as they expressed interest in
    expanding their product offering as their business grew. Working closely together, a variety of opportunities were identified and both teams got to work on building the partnership. As one of the first opportunities we had the pleasure of working on together, ABCO brought us a project
    from a large church in the Mississauga area.

    Heartland Church was in the middle of some upgrades to its gymnasium and was looking for a safe and comprehensive padding solution to keep children and youth safe during play. We decided to bring in our partners at Ash Stevenson to complete the detailed measurements and the final installation of the padding project.

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    The team effort paid off for all parties including the church and their decision makers. The end users are very happy with the whole process and are extremely pleased with their improved
    safe place for the kids to play basketball and other sports and activities.

    After yet another successful project with one of our esteemed partners, we look forward to continuing to grow with all of those connected with this amazing organization. Kudos to both ABCO and Ash Stevenson on coordinating and executing another job well done.

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