New Wall Padding for the Ottawa Boys and Girls Club

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Oct 19, 2023 2:47:31 PM



    Proudly serving the National Capital Region for over 100 years, to say that the Ottawa Boys and Girls Club is a staple in the community would be an incredible understatement. The club currently provides free community-based services and supportive places for area residents across four full-service clubhouses located throughout the city, along with a number of satellite campuses.

    We’ve had a long-standing relationship with the local Boys and Girls Club for a number of years now and working alongside them always gives us the added bonus of making a difference in our community. 

    One of our more recent projects, once again, saw us working with the Ottawa Club, this time at their Tomlinson Family Foundation Clubhouse. Located centrally in the city, the Clubhouse was recently renovated and required our expertise in putting some finishing touches inside the gymnasium.

    With the explosive growth of basketball leagues across the province, Boys and Girls Clubs across the region are busy booking out their gymnasiums to support the growing trend. With demand mounting, they reached out to our team to help design and install some safety padding to be placed beneath each of the basketball goals. As with any high-speed sport such as basketball, ensuring that participants have a safe place to stop is a priority and one we specialize in.

    Following an initial phone call, our sales team was dispatched to the Clubhouse to take detailed measurements of the space beneath the goals. In addition to ensuring that the correct amount of padding is used, there were a few obstacles that also needed to be taken into consideration.

    With light switches, fire alarms and electrical outlets in place, they required a custom padding solution that could be designed to accommodate these permanent fixtures. Upon returning to our shop, our design team was quickly able to mock up the designs and the padding for approval from the end user. 

    Once approved, the manufacturing process was initiated and the padding was shipped out to the site shortly after. As with most padding jobs, our installation team was able to prep the space and install the padding on the walls without issue in a single day. When time is of the essence and bookings waiting in the wing, we recognize how important a swift delivery and installation is to our partners.

    With the padding in the place, the club is now able to blow the tip off whistle and let the games begin.

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