No Small Projects

    Posted by Jeff Hurrle

    Nov 21, 2013 9:52:00 AM

    no_small_projectsDavid and Goliath Walk Into a Gym. Together. 

    We at Sport Systems enjoy a challenge. 

    Our record of large scale renovations and seating solutions speaks to our engineering and execution capabilities, something PROFIT Magazine mentioned specifically while ranking us among the 500 fastest growing companies in Canada. Look no further than our projects with Carleton University, Queen's University, and the University of Ottawa. We're proud to say our seating will be enjoyed for years to come as football begins making a return to Ottawa.

    We're also proud to supply peripheral equipment to the Frank Clair Stadium project at Landsdowne Park. This ambitious stadium marks a departure from traditional "grandstand" architecture and embraces a provocative, modern look sure to endure the coming decades. With this project we're excited to play a small role in bringing CFL Football back to Ottawa in 2014. Ottawa Fury FC will also enjoy this world class facility. 

    So our solutions are proven to work well in both traditional and contemporary designs. All of the projects mentioned above were ambitious in scale, but ambitious doesn't necessarily mean massive. Sometimes, the solution to a large project seems rather obvious. Other times, what you might call a "smaller" project presents unique challenges that send us back to the drawing board. 

    But we like the drawing board. The drawing board is where Sport Systems really shines. It's where we began to prove ourselves on smaller projects as we took our first steps as a company in 2002. Since then countless schools, community centers, neighborhood projects, and recreational facilities have been our bread and butter, the foundation of our enterprise that continues to pay dividends. Thee projects may have been small in scale, but never in importance to those making that investment in their community. We never lost sight of that. 
    We still enjoy the challenge of equipping community centers and schools operating within a budget or with unique spacial limitations. They are, after all, the reason we're able to make a name for ourselves across North America, in the papers and on the web. 

    So, if you're looking for world class expertise for a sport facility in your neck of the woods, don't let our big projects scare you off. Helping build strong communities through sport is what we're all about, whether its the pride of a major city or a quaint hometown. To us, the payoff is the same. 

    Just don't forget we're still the same people who started selling basketball equipment one summer all those years ago. We sure haven't.

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