Ode To The Gym

    Posted by Jeff Hurrle

    Feb 27, 2014 10:00:00 AM


    During the long winter months, when one snow storm after another is bringing us down, it sometimes feels like we’ll never see the spring. The best way to beat the winter blues is to stay active - lucky for athletes and sports fans, the gym provides a warm, dry indoor space to for running around until the snow melts.

    So, as winter drags on outside, this is an ode to the gymnasium. Let’s pay due tribute to the space that is the home of sports when it rains and snows!

    From November to April, weather rarely permits outdoor training for most sports. Nearly half the year we are driven off the fields and out of stadiums, with snow drifts hardly welcoming to a running back, let alone a rolling ball.

    The worst part about the cold is that it can be caught - and catching cold is just one of the unfortunate side effects of playing outside in it. For those of us who live for spring and fall athletics, we feel badly enough already about winter weather without also feeling under the weather.

    To the gym we must flock! Rather than hang up our tennis shoes, we can take them inside, to the gym!

    Winter is no time to get soft. Thanks to our local indoor training space, we can stay in motion during the winter, keeping warm by keeping our blood pumping. By training in the gym over winter, we are sure to hit the ground running again in the spring.

    The gym is an equal opportunity sporting sanctuary; a shelter to athletes of all ages. For many kids, physical education class is the highlight of their week, a precious opportunity to blow off some steam at school. The gym makes this possible. Rain or shine, PE class is made possible by the gym.

    When the urge to hibernate is strong, we gather in the gym to stay active and warm. Without our local gymnasiums - rec centers, high schools, and universities - winter wouldn’t be nearly as much fun!

    Ensure your gymnasium and indoor athletic facilities are kept in tip top shape with a timely facility maintenance schedule and with protective gymnasium floor covers, guaranteeing your equipment and flooring will withstand many more winters to come.

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