One School, Two Mascots: Central Hastings School Receives New Customized Padding

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Sep 2, 2022 12:33:03 PM


    Oftentimes, Sport Systems is approached by clients for a variety of reasons. While new equipment is often requested to replace old or damaged items, there are scenarios in which the update is needed for rebranding purposes. Contacting our team for the latter reason, Central Hastings School determined that new stage and wall padding was in order to help accommodate the transition that the school was undergoing.

    Formerly known as Centre Hastings Secondary School, Central Hastings School has since been repurposed into a K-12 academic institution. Concluding the 2020-2021 school year, the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board (HPEDSB) officially implemented the change. While significant in nature, the transition has been a reportedly positive experience.

    Lending itself to the positive experiences of students, parents and staff, Central Hastings School has made intentional efforts to recognize the unique identities of each school involved in the merger. While the primary gymnasium received upgrades to its stage padding, the secondary gymnasium was a particularly unique job. Wishing to incorporate the mascots of both schools, two sets of wall padding was ordered — one featuring the Mavericks logo and the other displaying the Centurions logo.

    Central-Hastings-School-Mavericks-Wall-Padding-Sport-SystemsOur Digitally Printed Padding services are extremely popular at Sport Systems. Using curable inks, the images are guaranteed to resist fading, peeling or tearing. Implementing our unique digital printing processes into this project, we produced a set of wall padding featuring the elementary school’s mascot and an identical set showcasing the high school’s mascot. Furthermore, we fabricated new stage padding that included the new school’s name in large, bold lettering.


    Entering into their second year as an academic institution, Central Hastings School will be able to provide the comfort of familiarity during a continued period of transition. We are excited for the growth that the school is experiencing, and are encouraged by the actions that are being taken to accommodate students, parents, and staff. It is our hope that, as the school continues to develop and grow, we will have many more opportunities to work with Central Hastings School in the future.

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