Players Bench Upgrades for Roland Michener Public School

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Feb 5, 2024 11:07:40 AM


    While a lot of what we do is larger scale upgrades, in many cases, we are quite well known for the little things.  And as we all know, those are the things that can make all the difference.

    One such subset of our product offering that meets the above parameters is our players benches. In some cases we can sell truckloads of them to help set up professional sports fields, college facilities or parks and municipal spaces.

    In other cases, some of our customers have a need for just a couple of brand new benches for their athletic spaces.  Working with our friends at a school nearby our headquarters, we were in talks to upgrade some players benches that were completely outdated.  Battered by both years of use and the elements, the school approached our team looking for a more permanent and durable solution for their baseball diamond.

    With budding athletic programming across a variety of sports including basketball, soccer, and track and field, their baseball program had gained some traction as well.

    Our players benches come in a few different configurations, depending on the prospective use. Our portable benches are great for facilities that require a bit of sharing, while our in-ground benches are better suited for benches that will not be moved in the future - like at baseball diamonds.

    Working closely with their team, we got the lengths needed and manufactured the new benches for Roland Michener public school and delivered them just ahead of the school year. Our team was on-site to make the professional installation last fall and ensure the benches were ready to roll once baseball season kicked off in the spring.

    Despite being a smaller-scale project, it’s one that is bound to have a big impact not only for the school, but for the students and players that will use them for years to come. That alone is reason enough for us to continue to build a better game, no matter how big or small.


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