Preserving the Peace: Wilmington, Vermont Receives New Padded Holding Cells

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Aug 19, 2022 11:53:58 AM


    Vermont, known as the “Green Mountain State,” has a strong reputation for its beauty. With scenic mountain overlooks, thick, green forests and wildlife of all varieties, it’s a dream come true for any nature enthusiast. Despite its breathtaking scenery and often tranquil environments, however, the need for proper law enforcement and infrastructure still exists. Recognizing the need to maintain public safety, the town of Wilmington recently requested the assistance of Sport Systems in the renovation of their police station’s holding cells.

    When it comes to small towns, it’s easy to forget the need for proper law enforcement procedures and facilities. Often criticizing small communities, news outlets have been known to highlight the repercussions of crime when task forces are ill-equipped. Proactively avoiding such criticism and ensuring the continued safety of residents and visitors, the town leaders of Wilmington invested in seamless wall padding. Easily cleaned and maintained, the personnel at the station are able to focus their efforts on the safety of the general public and accused offenders. Preventing self-injury, these padded holding cells also ensure that suspects are able to face trial.

    Sport-Systems-Wilmington-Public-Safety-Facility-Padded-Holding-Cell-Before-and-AfterWhile Wilmington continues to be a peaceful community, residents have experienced an enhanced peace of mind with the proper infrastructure now in place. While it is our hope that these padded holding cells are not often used, we know that the quality of our product can withstand any situation that calls on its help.


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