Rigorous Testing for Wall Padding & Landing Mats

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Feb 26, 2015 5:30:00 AM


    A priority of businesses, organizations and sport facilities is and always will be safety. Commercial buildings such as warehouses have stringent safety standards and are often rewarded for outstanding performance in maintaining and exceeding these standards.

    Sporting facilities and institutions are no different. Appealing to a wide range of participants of different ages and skill levels, these organizations must always work toward providing their participants with the very best in safety and security.

    Safety starts long before a product hits the shelves or the loading docks of any institution; it starts during the manufacturing process. As manufacturers ourselves, we constantly strive for more durable, long-lasting and safety-conscious products.

    One product line that is held to some of the highest standards is that of our custom padding and gym mats. Given the nature of use of these types of products, they are built with the full intention of repetitive human contact, often at high speeds. Gym and tumbling mats designed primarily for floor use must be equipped with properly tested padding and foam, as does any permanent or removable wall padding.

    For this reason all of our padding and matting products are subject to a number of rigorous tests, verifying their durability and ability to reduce shock from human impact. Our padding is sent out to independent labs that specialize in specific impact attenuation testing, and who provide us with detailed reports.

    These comprehensive reports review any shortcomings any padding might have in any number of tests run. The requirements and standards used are all in accordance with ASTM International’s Standard Specifications for Indoor Wall/Feature Padding and other related specifications such as Head and Neck Injuries in Sports, Impact Attenuation of Surfacing Materials and Playground Equipment - completely dependent on the intended final use of the specified piece of padding.

    The Standard Specifications for Indoor Wall/Feature Padding ensures certain performance requirements are met, such as shock absorption and thickness. These specifications detail strict test methods including temperature and humidity levels and are tested using properly prescribed sample sizes representative of the finished padding.

    Together with these specifications, the testing results from our partners, and our 35 years experience manufacturing the safest padding and gym matting products, we ensure every piece of padding that arrives at your facility is held to the highest safety standards possible.

    Reach out to a member of our sales team for more information about our variety of padding products and applications, or for more information about how our products are thoroughly tested for perfection.


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