Safety in Sports - Protecting our Student Athletes

    Posted by Jeff Hurrle

    Dec 12, 2013 11:52:00 AM


    From pee-wees to the big leagues, and even sandlots and pick-up games, a competitive edge is in our nature as humans. It drives and motivates us to be our best, and it makes games fun! Youth competitiveness in sports is healthy, but it can lead kids to injury. By taking the necessary safety precautions in your sports facility, you can help prevent your players from getting hurt during gameplay. 

    Millions of high school students take to the field every year for a season of their favorite sport that always feels like it ends too soon. Of the many virtues of youth is the raw passion that embodies young people in all that they do, especially on the playing field. During an eight-week season, student athletes will give 100% every day. While participating in youth sports does come with its long list of benefits - improved physical fitness, lessons in sportsmanship, character building, scholarships - the unbridled energy of youth also contributes to an estimated two million injuries in high school sports each year.

    While bumps and bruises are a usual part of any sports match, many of these more serious injuries don’t have to be. By taking just a few precautionary steps, you can help reduce the staggering number of high school sports injuries each year. Even before practice starts, safety starts with a facility that is up to date with the latest in sports safety technology. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

    Secure Backstops - with the growing intensity of basketball dunks, keeping your backstop securely mounted is a must. Sport Systems will get your court set up with the latest AUT-O-LOC technology for your backboards in the event of a support failure following impact. Operating like a car’s seat belt, the AUT-O-LOC safstop feature locks the backboard in place, keeping players safe below.


    Anchored Goals - after shinguards, the next step toward a safe soccer match is a secure goal. Sprawling in its height and width, the structure itself is a formidable presence on the field to say the least. With help from Sport Systems, you can avoid dangerous mishaps by securing your soccer goals in the safe upright position. For permanent soccer goals as well as movable, we offer a variety of anchoring options: from padlocked turf anchoring systems to portable anchor pegs, we carry all the products to meet your facilities needs.


    Padded Gym - the perfect accessory for all sports teams, gym mats provide a much-needed soft landing during long practices. Whether your kids are working on their dives and slides, or just need a surface for stretching, Sport Systems Canada offers customizable crash pads, slab mats, and folding mats for all your unique safety needs.


    Have a peek at our entire product lineup by downloading our Catalogue or take the next step and Request a Quote online!

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