Selecting Fixed Arena & Stadium Seating

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Jun 25, 2015 7:04:46 AM


    While the excitement of your facility’s sporting events might keep your spectators on the edge of their seats, many owners and operators value the quality and function of those very seats that house their rowdy crowds.

    Our fixed arena and stadium seating solutions aim to satisfy those needs along with enhancing the experience of game day for your fan base. This being said, today many arenas and stadiums today are built to satisfy more than just the needs of local sports teams. They are also used to serve a variety of other applications such as concerts, children’s performances and a variety of other special events. With this in mind, many facility managers and planners have a keen eye for detail and function when it comes to selecting fixed seating.

    Basic Stadium Seating

    Manufactured to satisfy the needs of outdoors stadiums, the AE series of general stadium seating provides users with a budget-friendly and durable solution to their seating needs. Our AE 001 model offers stadiums a traditional look designed with full back support paired with quick and easy installation.

    These chairs are available in both a floor and a riser mount configuration and are resistant to colour fading and cracking often caused by extended use outdoors.


    Sport Shell Seating

    We carry two variations of this sleek seating option for sports venues. Our high back model is available in nine standard colours, with seat numbers and can be customized with team colours and logos. These modern chairs consist of a one-piece polypropylene shell that is UV and flame resistant and is also durable and vandal resistant. A 14” high back and their ergonomic design make this chair one of the most comfortable seating options for your organization’s spectators.

    We also feature a low back version of this chair, complete with all the features mentioned above, excluding a backrest. Much like the high back versions, these chairs are also equipped with the proper drainage mechanisms to protect them against water damage and can be mounted on the face of the rise or top of the tread.


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