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    Posted by Jeff Hurrle

    Mar 6, 2014 9:00:00 AM

    Auditorium Seating

    We know that sporting events and university lectures aren’t exactly black tie affairs, but sometimes bleacher seating just doesn’t cut it. While a lecture hall is no place for doing the wave, a pep rally probably shouldn’t be held in an auditorium. These types of venues, and the events they house, call for a classier style of fixed seating.

    Lecture Hall Seating

    When a college student takes his seat in the classroom, he doesn’t need a level of comfort that rivals the recliner in his dorm room, (in fact, it’d be best if it was nowhere near that comfortable…). What student does need is a supportive chair to keep him alert, and a desk surface for taking notes.

    Sport Systems has a variety of available lecture hall seating options to meet a range of different project specs and budgetary needs.

    Auditorium Seating

    The target audience of a performing arts center requires an even more sophisticated take on fixed seating. For example, seating designed for optimum show time enjoyment likely calls for cup holders, not folding tablet arms. And when the lights go down for show time, you’ll want the option to illuminate the walkway for latecomers with aisle lighting.

    Performing arts center seating from Sport Systems always accommodates both the comfort and safety of your patrons. Available options for auditorium seat cushions always ensure full back support as well as a safe, shift resistant design.

    Stadium Seating

    Baseball stadiums and hockey arenas don’t have to be home to the pros to be classy. When your fans show unwavering support for your team, support them with upgraded permanent seating at your venue. Fans will be thankful to be on the edge of these seats, with little need for a seventh inning stretch.

    Have no fear of soda spills or inclement weather with sports arena seating from Sport Systems. These seating options are as easy to clean as they are durable, without sacrificing comfort or safety.

    We know that One Size Fits All does not always apply to fixed venue seating. If you are ready for a seating upgrade, call SSCI today for a quote!

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