Sport Systems Teams Up with LaPlante Builders Ltd to Provide New Gym Divider Curtains

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Mar 29, 2022 11:00:00 AM

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    Diverse societies can help us grow in our world perspective and offer us new insight and experiences. We can use these opportunities to grow and diversify, creating inclusive and cooperative communities. Similarly, finding common ground with related interests and objectives
    can create successful business partnerships and foster valuable progress and development in
    our communities. This joining of forces with common objectives and skillsets to create something meaningful for two different communities was demonstrated with Sport Systems’ experience in collaborating with LaPlante Builders Ltd.

    LaPlante Builders Ltd. has a reputation for its involvement in community sporting events and for its specialization in school renovations. With a large percentage of Sport Systems’ projects taking place in school and university athletic settings, it’s easy to see the common ground shared by the two companies. As a result, LaPlante Builders recruited Sport Systems to provide two of their clients with premium-quality gym divider curtains. Accepting the invitation, our team accompanied LaPlante Builders to St. George Catholic School and Sainte-Anne Catholic Elementary School.

    St. George Catholic School and Sainte-Anne Catholic Elementary School are unique in their own right but share many similarities. Part of the Ottawa Catholic School Board, St. George is one of the organization’s 69 elementary schools in Ottawa (“Our Schools”). In contrast, Sainte-Anne is a member among 45 French-speaking elementary schools of the Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est (CECCE) in Ottawa (“Why Choose Us?”). Nonetheless, while each school consists of different demographics and within separate educational boards, they are united in their Catholic faith. Each school’s commitment to their communities plus their need for an upgraded gym additionally served as a common ground.

    Addressing each school’s need for upgraded athletic facilities, LaPlante Builders and Sport Systems first arrived at St. George Catholic School. Getting to work right away, we installed new, state-of-the-art gym divider curtains that would allow for their growing school to better utilize their space. The outcome was more than satisfactory for both of our teams but, more importantly, exceeded the expectations of the school’s staff and stakeholders.

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    After successfully completing our project for St. George Catholic School, our combined crew
    was then invited back to provide the same services for Sainte-Anne Catholic Elementary School. Unlike our previous job, however, the structure of Sainte-Anne’s gym could only accommodate installation from its scaffolding. Without hesitation, our team worked around this problem and provided results that thrilled the school.

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    We strongly believe that Sport System’s positive experience working with LaPlante Builders Ltd.
    was due to our shared work ethic and our similar priorities. Desiring to encourage student
    involvement in sports, our combined team shared the mission of providing both schools with the
    best customer service and equipment in the industry. Encouraged by the outcome of this project, we look forward to future opportunities of working with LaPlante Builders and companies like them.

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