Stadium Logistics - The NHL Takes Hockey To The Ball Diamond

    Posted by Jeff Hurrle

    Feb 25, 2014 10:00:00 AM


    On two January evenings this year, the New York Rangers took part in the NHL 2014 Stadium Series with their own two-game series of outdoor hockey games held at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. At the matchup Sunday January 26th, the Rangers beat the New Jersey Devils 7-3. The Rangers were triumphant again in the second of their two stadium games that Wednesday, beating the New York Islanders 2-1.

    These two Rangers games were just two of a total of six outdoor NHL games planned for this year’s Stadium Series, which kicked off with this year’s Winter Classic between the Detroit Red Wings and the Toronto Maple Leafs. The annual New Year’s Day outdoor matchup took place at Michigan Stadium this year, with Toronto winning 3-2 in a shootout.

    Like the two at Yankee Stadium and the January 25th game at Dodger Stadium between the Ducks and the Kings, the remaining open-air games will also take place at baseball stadiums in the US and Canada. Following the Olympic break, the Penguins will battle the Blackhawks March 1st at Soldier Field, and the Senators will meet the Canucks at BC Place on March 2nd.

    For professional hockey players and fans alike, gathering at an outdoor venue for a hockey matchup is more than just good for publicity - it’s an enjoyably nostalgic sporting experience. Dropping the puck in an outdoor arena pays homage to hockey’s roots, once played on a frozen pond. But all reminiscing aside, converting a baseball stadium into a temporary hockey arena is impressive!

    To successfully pull off these pond hockey tribute games requires serious facility maintenance and logistics. The same is true at your facility when transitioning your gymnasium between basketball and volleyball; your field from football to lacrosse. That is why you carefully considered your choice of versatile sports system equipment.

    When your sports facility is home to a variety of unique sports - such as hockey and baseball - making a smooth transition between sports seasons is essential. Sport Systems Canada has all the necessary equipment for your facility to serve a range of purposes. From portable backstops to gym floor covers, telescopic bleachers to divider curtains, and everything else in between, SSCI helps make yours a flexible facility, no matter the event.

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