Strategy and Endurance: Upgrading the Basketball Systems at Queen’s University

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Dec 21, 2021 9:32:20 AM

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    As every devoted sports fan knows, the second half of a game can hold more weight than the first when determining its outcome. Many historic moments have been made in sports when a team comes from behind to make a heroic comeback. Just as many disappointments have occurred, when a team is over-confident or has lenient strategies. The key factors that determine the successful outcome for a team are a strong strategy and an endurance that persists through any challenges that arise. Sport Systems is familiar with these principles not only as they pertain to sports, but also in regards to project management.

    Earlier this year, our team was sent to Queen’s University in the nearby city of Kingston, Ontario. Tasked with removing all six of the college’s existing basketball systems, our team relied heavily on its expertise in safety and on its strong working knowledge of both the equipment itself and the machinery used in removing it. This was the first phase of our two-part project, and the outcome was more than satisfactory.

    While the successful removal of all six units was a huge feat, our team understood that the project was far from over. Maintaining their original strategy and putting forth all of their effort, our team proceeded to tackle the obstacles as they arose.

    Arguably the most challenging part of this project was the transportation of both the old and new
    basketball systems. Designed to withstand the intensity of the sport, each set of basketball units were extremely heavy and not easily moved. Upon examination of the units being exchanged, it was determined that the best course of action would be to create an opening in the wall shared between the gymnasium and the parking garage. Of course, this type of demolition required precision so as to not damage more of the wall than necessary.

    Upon extraction of the old units, they were placed on a flatbed truck and removed from the
    premises. The new units were then hoisted into their designated spaces. Differing significantly from the manually operated units that had been removed, the new basketball systems required additional product support. Our team gladly assisted the Athletics Department in providing detailed instructions on how to utilize these units, including anchoring and wiring them for immediate use.

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    While the new basketball systems were a significant upgrade, they felt that investing in our customizable padding would add the perfect finishing touches. Our team then worked closely with the Athletics Department to design, manufacture, and install premium-quality backstop padding.

    Given the many intricacies and challenges of this project, there was ample opportunity for things to have gone wrong. From equipment malfunctions to damage to the facility, or even physical injury to a team member, strong strategy and endurance ensured the safe and successful outcome of this job. Due to the diligence of our team, as well as the assistance from the school’s Athletic Department, the basketball court at Queen’s University is ready to accommodate players and fans for years to come.

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