Strathcona Heights Receives New Basketball Unit

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Oct 21, 2022 10:28:29 AM


    Basketball courts located within housing complexes are always high-traffic areas, providing free entertainment, exercise and community engagement. But with consistent use and exposure to the elements, equipment such as basketball hoops, nets and backboards inevitably require repair or replacement. When local officials at Strathcona Heights found themselves in this very situation, they requested the expertise of Sport Systems to revitalize their outdoor court.

    Established in 1949, Strathcona Heights is a residential community in Ottawa, Ontario, and includes numerous apartments and townhouses. Their well-used basketball court was in need of a facelift to support the many residents of the complex. While investing in new fencing surrounding the court, city officials determined that it would be a good time to replace their existing basketball units.

    Selecting units featuring an acrylic backboard, a sturdy nylon net and a bright, new rim, our team installed the new equipment without delay. Attempting to increase the longevity of the court’s new fencing, our clients also requested to have the basketball system installed directly in the ground. Now safely secured, the new unit will withstand slam dunks for years to come.


    Topics: Basketball Equipment, Outdoor Basketball Systems


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