STUFF Made in Eastern Ontario

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Dec 15, 2020 9:45:00 AM

    With the global pandemic affecting businesses around the world, times have changed when it comes to both international and local business. With many operations having ground to a halt at some point during the year, it’s been a tough battle for each and every one of us.

    While the pandemic has come with its fair share of challenges, there are certainly a few silver linings. One of those is the opportunity for the business community to come together and aid one another in coming through this in better shape than when we went in.

    We are still unsure as to how this all ends but we are hopeful that is does safely and as soon as possible. While some things have changed for the better, there are parts of our lives we all are looking forward to having return to some version of the normalcy we knew only a short time ago.

    As a locally-owned (remove hyphen) business in Eastern Ontario with a global footprint, we’ve taken the time to shift some of our focus and business models to adapt to current market conditions. Many of our peers have as well. Despite being mandated to remain “apart”, we feel that many of us are actually moving closer together.

    We were recently approached to participate in a local initiative here in the Ottawa area that would not only bring together local businesses, but would showcase them as well. In a time when many of us are in front of our screens more than we’d like to admit, the opportunity to tell the story of local manufacturers is a great one.

    We joined up with the team at STUFF Made & Built in Eastern Ontario, a division of Great River Media, to participate in a great program. A digital magazine of sorts, STUFF serves as a guide to the manufacturing and building industries here in Eastern Ontario by asking three key questions: what is manufactured and built in Eastern Ontario, who is making it and what kind of careers are available, this one-of-a-kind publication is built to serve.

    With a highly skilled workforce at our doorsteps, the towns and cities that make up our region are filled with wonderful people doing amazing things. In addition to business profiles and contact information, you’ll find in-depth profiles of the people that make these organizations tick and which ones are looking to expand their workforce.

    Serving as both a place where we can discover one another and one that aims at getting those affected by the pandemic the opportunity to get back to work, being involved was a no-brainer.

    We invite you to view our profile on STUFF and more importantly, peruse the other businesses that keep our community innovative and at-work.

    These and many other initiatives are what we look forward to taking part in as we all navigate these interesting times as efficiently as possible.

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