Telescopic Bleacher Replacement for Bishop Macdonell High School

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Oct 6, 2020 5:00:39 AM


    Heading into Southwestern Ontario, one of our latest projects landed us at Bishop Macdonnel High School in the great city of Guelph. This small city of just over 130,000 residents, also known as “The Royal City”, lies a mere 100km to the west of downtown Toronto and is known for its incredibly low unemployment and crime rates.

    With deep roots in manufacturing and educational institutions such as the University of Guelph, this city provides a wonderful location to be a student or raise a family.

    Working closely with our partners at the Wellington Catholic District School Board, a project was brought to our attention at one of Guelph’s high schools. Located in the south end of the city, our team was asked to assess the condition of some outdated bleachers at Bishop Macdonnel High School and provide a suitable replacement seating system.

    As with many existing wooden bleacher systems, the use and operation of these bleachers was quickly posing a safety risk to both students and staff. Upon an initial review, it was agreed that the existing bleachers should be replaced with an updated solution.

    As with most of these projects, we immediately turned to our 2400 series telescopic bleachers. Designed perfectly for almost any space imaginable, these bleachers are completely customizable and give buyers the most options.


    The board was quick to select two banks of these retractable bleachers each 30’ in length and 8-rows in height. Rather than traditional manual operation, we highly recommended these seating structures be equipped with fully electrical operation given their size.

    To tip the overall design of these bleachers over the top, the school also went with complete custom graphics using our exclusive GameDay GraFX solution. Using our patent-pending technology, we can adhere graphics such as team logos to indoor bleacher seats in a way that will not scuff or wear off. These printed seats not only provide a lasting impression to the visiting team, they also help instill another level of school spirit and pride.


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