Telescopic Bleacher Replacement for the Anglophone South School District

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Aug 21, 2023 5:00:00 AM


    For a number of years now, we’ve been helping the Anglophone South School District (ASSD) in beautiful New Brunswick update and upgrade their athletic facilities and equipment. Serving as one of only seven school districts that service the maritime province, their role in shaping the lives of future generations is something they take very seriously.

    Along with that role includes promoting health and safety across all of their schools and in their facilities. As we’ve mentioned many times before, a big part of what we do is assess aging equipment and replace those no longer deemed safe for use. A big portion of the unsafe equipment that we deal with are outdated telescopic bleachers.

    Originally manufactured using wood, these relics tend to seize up in their old age or worse, fall apart. As with anything with moving parts, the risk for injury is always present, but is certainly elevated when that system is well beyond its prime.

    Deer Island Community School, located on the island bordering both New Brunswick and Maine, contacted us with their concerns about their outdated bleachers. We were brought in by the ASSD to provide a replacement to the existing retractable bleachers at the school. 


    Teaming up with our partners at Interior Visions, we assessed the scope of the project and collected sufficient information to provide the ASSD with the right drawings and get the project approved. Choosing our popular 2400 telescopic bleachers was an easy choice for a district that values the custom nature and durability of spectator seating they’ve grown accustomed to.

    Standing eight rows in height, the new bleacher was quickly manufactured and shipped down to Deer Island where the skilled team at Interior Visions completed the installation. Today, the new bleachers allow for seating of up to 175 students and are easy to open and close thanks to the electronic operation.

    Now that the health and safety concerns are behind them, it’s full steam ahead for another school year that is just around the corner.

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