Telescopic Bleacher Upgrades for MacKenzie High School

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Apr 10, 2023 3:19:43 PM


    For one of our recent projects, we were back up in the beautiful Ottawa Valley to once again assist the Renfrew County District School Board with an outdated problem at MacKenzie High School.

    As with all things and the natural passage of time, seating structures can degrade and wear out, requiring repair or replacement. Depending on the age of the school, many of these bleacher structures were installed decades ago and have since become inoperable or just plain unsafe to operate. 

    Often made of wood, the understructures of older systems begin to seize up over time and can be difficult to both open and close when needed. This leads to unsafe operation and increased risk to staff or students. In most cases, these bleachers require an inspection and receive either a passing or a failing mark and in the case of a failure, the seating becomes instantly condemned for use.


    This was exactly how it played out at MacKenzie High and so our team was commissioned to design an innovative solution to their seating problem. Our sales team was promptly on-site to assess the situation, take measurements and get the pertinent information back to our engineering team to provide the right solution for the space and for the needs of the school.

    Still the top choice for indoor seating, our 2400 series telescopic bleachers were the first pick specifically designed with motorized operation and built to not only meet but exceed the current building code requirements for bleacher seating.


    After our team safely removed and disposed of the outdated bleachers, the new system was placed in the mezzanine area of the gymnasium. The removal process went seamlessly and the installation crew immediately got to work installing the new telescopic bleachers on time and ready for use.

    We now have a happy client both at the facility level at the board and also at the school level. We want to thank them both for their continued support and are pleased that the school can safely enjoy its gymnasium seating once again and for many years to come.



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