Telescopic Bleachers Complete with GameDay GraFX for Tobique Valley High School

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Mar 13, 2023 5:02:09 AM


    When it comes to custom digital graphics, our proprietary GameDay GraFX solution has been making waves in the athletic space since launching it a few short years ago. Having done a number of custom graphic projects on bleacher seats in the past, we made it our mission to perfect the process and offer the marketplace a digital graphic that would look brilliant and wouldn’t scuff or wear off over time.

    As the market got a hold of it, so did a number of our partners, including architects across North America. A recent project included the request for our innovative digital graphic technique, providing an excellent example of how an ancillary product can really take an organization’s design to the next level.

    Located in the eastern provinces of Canada, the tender outlined the need for new telescopic bleacher systems for the Tobique Valley High School, a part of the Anglophone West School District in New Brunswick. The architect indicated in the drawing package that the school’s Panther Logo was to be included on the two banks of bleaches.

    Given the unique combination of this project, we again teamed up with our partners at Interior Visions and bid on two brand-new banks of retractable bleachers including GameDay GraFX for their Panther logo that was to be emblazoned across the new seating structures.


    Following some minor design changes from our engineering department, our team got to work on the manufacturing process. Once the seats were ready for print, they were shipped to our facility where our team completed the printing process and printed the final logos on the seats.  

    The complete package was shipped down to New Brunswick on schedule and was met for installation by the experienced team at Interior Visions. Their team took it from there and installed the bleachers in a stunning fashion. Today the gymnasium is ready for spectators and we have yet another satisfied customer of our remarkable duo of GameDay GraFX and our telescopic bleacher units.


    If you are looking for more information on our printing process or would like to order GameDay GraFX for your school or facility, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us help you #buildabettergame.

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