Telescopic Bleachers for the City of South Miami

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Mar 26, 2020 4:00:00 AM


    Working again with our partners at Tadeos Engineering LLC, we recently joined forces on a unique project. Operating as a structural and civil engineering firm founded in Miami in 2015, Tadeos Engineering offers a range of Structural Engineering Services for new construction, additions to current buildings, remodeling, legalization and more. The opportunity to remove old, outdated wooden telescopic bleachers and replace them with new, state-of-the-art telescopic bleachers was presented to our team by Tadeos and we were quick to reply. Organized by the City of South Miami, the project was scheduled to take place at the Gibson-Bethel Community Center. Opened in 2003, the center serves people of all ages in the community of South Miami, offering a fitness center, basketball and volleyball courts, arts and crafts rooms and much more.

    The team at Tadeos was quick to assist the process by performing a site visit and taking the required measurements. This was crucial as there were some old bleachers on site that needed to be removed as part of the project. The main concern with the existing bleachers was spectator safety as over time, safety can be compromised as bleachers age and their structural integrity is affected. This can pose an increase risk of spectators falling due to missing handrails and can be at a higher risk of collapsing. While on site, it was discovered that the old gym wall padding also needed replacing, as pads lose some of their strength and shape over time, therefore decreasing their effectiveness in the safety and protection of players. Tadeos was instrumental in the process, requesting our team manufacture and ship the new wall padding directly to the site, allowing their team to add it to the project.


    In order to complete this project, we partnered with a local installation team in Miami to remove the existing bleachers and replace them with our new telescopic bleacher system, as well as to replace the padding in the gymnasium.

    With the wide variety of programs, activities and classes offered by the Gibson-Bethel Community Center, the people of South Miami now benefit from having a functional and safe gymnasium. Receiving brand-new telescopic bleachers and safe wall padding for their common space will enhance their experience at the center and bring them together as a community to enjoy their daily activities in a safe and functional place.

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