The Benefits of Adding a Press Box to Your Grandstand Bleachers

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Apr 28, 2016 4:00:00 AM


    Photo: Our installation team lowering a customized press box atop a grandstand bleacher at Millennium Park

    We’ve all been treated to the sight of a large-scale grandstand bleacher rising from an athletic field waiting to be filled with throngs of avid fans eagerly waiting to support their favourite team.  While these structures alone give us a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, nothing completes these marvellously engineered structures quite like a press box affixed to the upper portion of the stands. 

    In addition to giving fans a comfortable seat and great vantage point for viewing their favourite sporting events, bleachers completed with a press box give timekeepers, staff and members of the press a hub from which they can operate. 

    These prefabricated add-ons, while not suited for every application, offer customers the perfect solution for their growing athletic programs and facilities.  Here are a few factors that should be considered by those looking to either upgrade current grandstand bleachers or those looking to design and build a new structure:


    Having a completely concealed module such as a press box offers announcers, score keepers, videographers and members of the press a comfortable place to view your events.  Our press boxes are designed using galvanized steel studs and ribbed steel panels for the very best in durability and protection from the elements. 

    Our press boxes also have the ability to either be designed as part of any beam-style grandstand or can simply be manufactured as standalone units for any existing angle frame bleacher system.

    Internal Systems

    Powering everything behind the scenes can be challenging for venues that are not properly set up.  Rather than utilizing bulky and noisy portable generators, our press boxes come complete with pre-assembled lighting and electrical systems, allowing any and all audio and video equipment to be powered from one central location.

    Vantage Points

    Typically affixed atop large seating structures, there truly is no better seat in the house.  Press boxes give a clear vantage point to the field below and can even be outfitted with customized slanted windows for an even better viewing experience.

    Rooftop Access

    Many of the press boxes we design and install today are equipped with complete rooftop access.  Using the ladder equipped with the press box, additional spectators can safely climb onto the rooftop surface, supported by load-bearing walls below.  These rooftop viewing platforms are surrounded by safety guardrails and are perfect for videographers looking for that perfect shot.


    As with much of what we do, these press boxes are highly customizable based on customer needs.  From customizing the interior layout and amenities to custom colour configurations and a variety of sizes, if you can dream it, our design team can do it.


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