The Best Accessories for Your Gym Floor Cover

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Sep 3, 2015 5:00:00 AM


    One of the biggest investments many gymnasiums and indoor athletic facilities make is with their gym flooring. For every 100 gyms that feature a hardwood court surface, an estimated 95 of those are constructed of highly priced northern hard maple. As one can imagine, constructing a floor surface with high-grade material such as maple can be quite costly.

    When it comes to protection, nothing beats the protection of a durable, vinyl gym floor cover. These covers are designed to protect gym flooring surfaces during non-sporting events and pay dividends to operators over the long run.

    At Sport Systems, we carry many accessories that enhance the operation and protection of your gym floor covers. The below products are designed specifically for use with gym floor covers, allowing your facility staff members to safely and effectively cover and uncover your gym flooring when the need arises.

    Seam Tape


    One mistake many facilities make is using an inadequate tape to secure their gym floor covers. Most adhesives and tapes leave an unsightly and sticky residue after use and can tear, increasing the risk of damage to your flooring. Our specially formulated seam tape for gym floor covers is 3” wide to guarantee complete coverage and does not leave behind any residue after use.

    Seam Tape Applicator


    The main benefit of this product is simple: efficiency. While most opt to simply apply the tape manually, the use of a seam tape applicator can cut the application time in half and provide physical relief to the user. The seam tape fits snuggly in the applicator and is applied as you walk along each seam.

    Power Winder                 


    Our most complimentary accessory is our electric power winder. While our covers can be easily rolled out or up by hand, a power winder can save your facility both time and energy by reducing the number of people needed to roll the cover. This power winder weighs only 10lbs and is backed by our unbeatable 10 year limited warranty.

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