The Best of Both Worlds: Bennington South Middle School Receives New Indoor Telescopic Bleachers

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Oct 14, 2022 2:52:59 PM


    Bennington, Nebraska, a suburb outside of Omaha offers a, “safe, small-town atmosphere with the convenience of the larger Omaha metropolitan area [nearby].” Meeting the requirements of a classic Midwestern town, Bennington offers a public library, several parks and maintains a low crime rate. On the other hand, the close proximity to the city provides easy access to job opportunities, universities and entertainment. With these appealing features, Bennington is an ideal area to live for commuters and as such has seen a consistent uptick in its population.

    With an increasing population comes an influx of students. In response to the growing need for space, Bennington Public Schools secured the financial means necessary to expand their collection of schools. One of their most recent investments was in Bennington South Middle School. It is this location for which our team was recruited to provide our popular Indoor Telescopic Bleachers.

    Our Indoor Telescopic Bleachers are popular for their durability and for their options for customization. However, their ability to retract into compact storage is their primary selling point. Offering the “best of both worlds,” the gymnasiums in which they are installed can provide seating for large crowds or can be retracted to create additional floor space for events such as school dances and fundraisers. It is for this versatility that our product was selected for Bennington South Middle School’s new gymnasium.


    Almost all of the projects we accept in Nebraska are part of a collaboration with Crouch Recreation. With excellent customer service, Crouch Recreation’s reliable team served as the point of contact between Sport Systems, the client, and the Adscreen Group. Managing the manufacturing process by Royal Stewart Kodiak, our team had the product sent to Nebraska where the Adscreen Group had a team ready to safely install it. The outcome of the project was another one for the books and further strengthened our relationship with our partners and with the communities surrounding Omaha.

    Bennington South Middle School officially opened its doors at the beginning of the ‘22-’23 academic school year. With the ability to accommodate a variety of desires and needs, the school mirrors the many wonderful qualities offered by the city of Bennington. It is our belief that Bennington South Middle School will become an integral part of its community and will offer the same flexibility and versatility as does the city for years to come.


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