The Best Protective Padding For Athletic Facilities

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Jun 10, 2014 4:30:00 AM


    Athletic facilities come in all shapes and sizes, and same is true for the wide variety of protective padding applications used for these different facilities. From gym settings to educational athletic facilities we have the padding to provide your facility with durable and long-lasting protection for your participants.

    Post, Column & Beam Padding

    The title suggests it quite clearly. Post, column and beam padding is used to protect permanent structures in your facility against both wear and tear as well as potential injury to participants. This type of padding spans a wide variety of applications and is used in both indoor and outdoor settings. From warehouses and schools, to outdoor playgrounds for our children, these pads are all custom-made to fit posts, poles, columns and I-Beams.

    This protective padding is constructed of 2” high density foam and can be rounded, square, hexagonal in shape.


    Permanent Padding

    Typically found lining the walls in school gyms, community centers and baseball outfields, permanent padding is a good choice for any potential high traffic areas where collisions might occur due to the nature of the activity or sport being played.

    Permanent padding is also made with 2” high density foam, and standard measurements are 2’x6’, but custom orders are available, no matter what project you might have in mind. For sports teams, this padding is also offered in a variety of colors to match your team colors and logo. It is also easily cleaned with just soap and water, treated for outdoor applications and we can design and provide cut-outs for all outlets, light switches and other necessary permanent fixtures on your walls.


    Removable Padding

    All the same applies as stated above with our permanent padding products. The only difference is that these padding panels are attached using 8’ long aluminum Velcro channel wall strips, allowing another level of versatility to your wall padding. If you are seeking a custom padding solution to protect during sports like basketball, but want the option to remove the mats for gymnastics and other related activities, removable padding is your product of choice.


    Stage Padding

    A semi-permanent solution; stage padding allows for the proper protection from the stage located in any gymnasium. This unique product is manufactured with a 6” return to cover the top of your stage with a built-in Velcro fastening strip which is then used to attach to the opposing Velcro strip affixed to the top of your stage. This gives an added level of protection not only against the vertical area of your stage, but also on the problem prone corner area of most stages.

    Stage padding is also available in custom colors, with custom logo printing available to match team colors, is easily cleaned and can be removed for other uses when high impact sports are not being played.





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