The Continued Evolution of DC West

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Nov 4, 2021 11:18:05 AM

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    The midwestern region of the United States is often associated with open land, hearty meals, unique accents, and friendly, hard-working people. When it comes to education, however, the school systems in these states have historically been regarded as mediocre. Disproving this assumption, however, are the schools found in Valley, Nebraska.

    Douglas County West Community Schools (DC West) have set out to support and encourage their students throughout their entire schooling experience. The shared mission of these schools is to, “[maximize] student achievement through dynamic learning experiences, which inspire and provide a quality education for all students” (“Community Connections”). Since the original schoolhouse opened in 1873 (Nielsen), Valley’s schools have continued to evolve in order to offer the very best to students. Recently, DC West’s high school was the subject of some considerable
    change and enhancement.

    In another collaboration with Crouch Recreation, as well as Lamp Rynearson and Empire Netting and Fencing, the high school’s bleachers underwent a major renovation. This project involved extensive planning and coordination, employing the high skill level of experienced professionals. Not only did the bleachers undergo upgrade reconstruction, but an accompanying press box was designed and manufactured by Modlogiq. A custom understructure was also included in the renovation.

    High Note Aerial - 401 Pine St-3-01-1High Note Aerial - 401 Pine St-5-01-1

    After much work, our combined efforts resulted in a grandstand that features 15 rows of elevated bleachers. Catering to a crowd of up to 1600 fans, this structure also meets ADA standards. With the increasing size of the school district (“The City of Valley Is Hiring!”), it is our hope that this grandstand will host scores of spectators for years to come.


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