The Design and Installation of a Customized Residential Gym Divider Curtain

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Apr 25, 2017 6:34:11 AM


    Typically reserved to divide large gymnasium spaces for added versatility and additional use in community centres, schools, and universities, one of our more recent projects saw us designing a customized gym divider curtain for a Quebec residence.

    Operated either by man-made or electric power, these large curtains are available in a number of different configurations and in many cases, need to be customized to meet the unique requirements of each space.  As some buildings are equipped with closed ceilings or rafters or simply to do not have the available space to accommodate certain configurations, we often call upon our skilled design team to create tailored products.

    This project was no different in that respect but was in many other ways.  Instead of a busy gymnasium, this curtain was to be designed and installed in a home that featured a small athletic space by our partners in Quebec.

    Given the size of the space, we tapped our design team to create a top-roll curtain that could be installed in the small space with certain constraints.  Those constraints existed of mounting the curtain in a side configuration to a beam as well as storing the curtain overhead in a small bulkhead. 


    As always, our team came up with a solution that the client loved and the real work got underway.  After the manufacturing process, the curtain was shipping to the consumer where it was met by our esteemed partners at Constructions et Installations Sportives Inc. who took over from there.

    With the customized design of this curtain, we had to be sure our boots on the ground were the best in the business as the successful operation of the curtain would certainly be bound by the quality of the installation.  Joel and his team did not disappoint, getting the curtain installed on schedule and without a hitch.

    In addition to our installation partners at Constructions et Installations Sportives Inc., we also worked closely with our associates at Garbarino Construction & coordinated through Architem Architects.



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