The Difference Between Diamond Mesh and Square Mesh

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Feb 1, 2014 2:51:00 PM

    A common question as most of us can recall a time or situation where we have seen both the diamond hung design as well as the square hung design with regards to netting. Here are a couple of ways to tell the difference, and the advantages to each:

    Diamond Mesh

    Because of the way this mesh is hung, it drastically reduces the amount of netting needed to cover diamond-mesh-nettinga certain area, and hence, can often be the less-expensive option between the two. This being said, there are also problems that arise from hanging your net in this fashion.

    Diamond hung meshed nets do not typically hang as straight, and it’s pattern will often cause the netting to be pulled in from the sides. This design often is equipped with poorer seams as well. The main reason for this being, the rope border has to be sewn diagonally across the meshes, which leaves an irregular net border to sew to.


    Square Mesh

    Typically the more expensive of the two, square mesh is also typically the more popular design by most as well. As opposed to diamond mesh, square mesh hangs very nicely, and is equipped with better seam systems for hanging. Some people also will choose square mesh, solely on the fact that they find it more professional looking and the fact that it does offer a better line of sight through the netting.square-mesh-sports-netting

    At the end of the day, this choice comes down to a personal preference, as some of the above pros and cons may not be of much concern to most. Whether you are looking for the best in price, or the best in functionality, each design may very well appeal in one way or another to you.


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