The Importance of Safety: BGC London Enlists the Help of Sport Systems to Continue to Foster a Safe Environment

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    May 25, 2022 4:06:41 PM


    Throughout the years, Sport Systems has been privileged to partner with numerous schools and community resources dedicated to serving children and youth. Whether assisting in the renovation of a high school football field, equipping a local playground with accessible seating solutions, working with a science and history museum on a customized project, or providing an after-school program with new basketball equipment, we have seen firsthand how a safe and well-maintained environment promotes the development of the youngest members of society. One organization that Sport Systems has made several contacts through is the BGC of Canada. Working with several different locations throughout Ontario, our team has been able to provide equipment ranging from safety wall padding to gym divider curtains for various facilities. Recently, we were invited to collaborate with BGC London to install new basketball systems in their gymnasium.

    Formerly known as the Boys and Girls Club of London, BGC London still strongly adheres to its mission of, “[providing] safe, supportive places where children, youth, and seniors can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships, and develop confidence and skills for life” (“Mission, Vision, & Core Values”). With our own conviction to provide safe equipment that can be enjoyed by individuals of all demographics, the collaboration between Sport Systems and BGC London was a natural fit. As a result, we were able to accomplish this project successfully with the same goal in mind — to safely accommodate children and youth who desire to participate in sports.

    Before our team was able to install the new basketball systems in BGC London’s gymnasium, we first needed to inspect the equipment that was already in place. Expressing their dissatisfaction with a worn-out and cumbersome backboard and breakaway rim, we knew that an alternative approach toward their current wall-mounted units was necessary. Furthermore, prioritizing the program’s need to preserve financial resources, our team determined that a cost-effective yet long-lasting solution was required.

    The products that BGC London ultimately settled on were our ceiling-suspended basketball systems equipped with glass backboards and breakaway rims. The ability of these motorized systems to be stored away is not only convenient, but actually serves to preserve the equipment itself and encourage safety. Unlike traditional backstops and wall-mounted systems that present obstacles when the space is utilized for other purposes, our motorized, ceiling-suspended solutions are able to be stored out of the way, eliminating potential collisions or accidents.


    In the end, our eye for detail and commitment to safety was exactly what BGC London was looking for. Not only did the upgrade to the facility’s gymnasium elevate the aesthetics of the space, but it will continue to meet a practical need for years to come. It is through our collaboration with BGC London that we hope the children and youth of the community will come together and enjoy sports in a safe and inclusive environment.

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