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    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Mar 22, 2018 7:06:12 AM



    With the spring season officially underway, planners, managers and operators are preparing once again for additional outdoor play within their communities and organizations. As we shed the layers of heavy clothing and move into something more comfortable, soccer pitches, football fields and outdoor basketball courts are once again in season.

    As such, many facility managers take this time of the year to evaluate, design and/or construct their outdoor play areas for these types of sports, including basketball.

    As one of the most popular sports here in North America, basketball courts in communities and in school yards are among the most high-traffic and most heavily participated areas.

    At Sport Systems, we got our start in the basketball industry. With our headquarters located in picturesque Almonte, Ontario, we share this hometown with the inventor of basketball Dr. James Naismith and as such, began designing basketball hoops over 40 years ago.

    Much has changed over those years and the same can be said for our company and our line of basketball equipment.  We have since expanded beyond hoops and currently provide our global customer base with hoops, backboards, nets and complete mounting systems.

    When it comes to the outdoor basketball market, we have designed a near indestructible system that is built to withstand abuse from both human and natural elements.


    Gooseneck Pole Systems

    Our toughest in-ground basketball systems are all anchored by these galvanized steel poles that are posted into the ground below.  These 4.5” O.D. galvanized poles featuring a 48” gooseneck are built to both CSA and ASTM standards and come equipped with a cast aluminum fan-shaped backboard that also will not rust or dent.

    These standard backboards can also be upgraded where needed and are attached in a way that truly separates our systems from the competition.

    Unlike most manufacturers, our outdoor basketball pole systems do NOT feature a ‘slip-on’ style of flange that is often subject to constant retightening. Instead, our flanges are directly welded which not only adds to the dexterity of these systems but also to their maintenance-free design.

    These systems can be customized as required and are built from the ground up. We start with our ground sleeves, work our way up the ultraheavy-duty pole and then add backboards, goals and netting.

    Contact a member of our award-winning sales team today to build and design your outdoor basketball system.




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