The Unique Design Elements of Our Foam Hockey Rink Dividers

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Jul 20, 2017 4:20:00 AM


    With the development of what is known as the Cross-Ice Hockey; a program recently initiated across both Canada and the United States by their governing hockey bodies, our research and development and design teams have been busy coming up with the best solution to making this program become implemented on a large scale.

    What began as a pilot project, Cross-Ice Hockey was instituted and geared toward novice-aged players across North America. Requiring that the ice surface be divided in half,  this allows younger players the time needed to properly develop their skills as well as effectively utilizing available ice space in local arenas.

    What they have found so far is that the program keeps younger players in a constant state of involvement in the game and hence, develops better camaraderie among players and enhances on-ice skills.


    Over the past 24 months, the rush has been on as ice rinks and municipalities across Canada and the United States scramble to get set up for the exciting new changes. While there are other solutions on the market such as portable boards that can divide the ice surface, when it comes to come effectiveness, padding solutions much like the ones we offer are leading the way.

    Being highly durable, these foam rink divider pads are designed using our high-density foam along with our ultra-tough 18.5 oz. fire-retarded vinyl covering. They are created in individual sections that measure either 10’ in length and 15” wide or 10’ in length and 24” wide. 


    In addition to their resistance to withstanding pucks and the odd equipment-clad hockey player, these padding systems are held together by our included Velcro attachment located on the bottom of each section of padding. As well as securing the padding in place, these attachment points allow for a great deal of utility when it comes to configuring how exactly the padding is to be placed on the ice surface.



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