Three Factors To Consider When Buying Sports Netting

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Jun 26, 2014 5:00:00 AM


    When in the market for netting for your sports facility, there are a few key features that should be of interest to you before making a purchase. Whether you are buying barrier sports netting, golf course netting or industrial and other netting, these will help you make an informed decision for your facility or netting project.

    UV Resistance

    Nothing damages a net more than the sun and its harmful UV rays. Much the same as salt does to metal, UV rays will penetrate a fiber and break it down over time.

    All of the sports netting carried by Sport Systems is UV protected for outdoor use and we recommend Dyed Black color for reflecting sunlight, and adding to the life cycle of your sports netting.


    The quality of netting is something that can vary quite drastically. Making sure your supplier has a good reputation, and product line can help protect against being sold a lower grade product. Make sure the netting is made of either polyester or nylon for the best in strength and durability. Other materials such as polypropylene & polyethylene may not hold up in extended sun exposure.

    Border or Perimeter Roping

    This is a very important factor, and one that is often overlooked when purchasing sports and barrier netting. You will want to ask your supplier or manufacturer if the border ropes will be knotted around the outside of your nets, or if they will just be threaded through.

    Sport Systems nets are all knotted border ropes around the outside perimeter of the netting. Meaning, we use a thicker border rope as an attachment point which is also knotted with twine, rather than simply strung in and out of the mesh like a curtain. The reasoning behind this is, much like a curtain, if the rope is NOT tied, it will eventually slide and cause tangling and coverage problems.
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