Three Reasons To Check Out MiLB

    Posted by Jeff Hurrle

    Apr 10, 2014 6:31:00 AM


    It’s April, and after another exciting Spring Training session, Major League Baseball season is now well underway. Nightly baseball broadcasts of our favorite big league teams are the reason why so many sports fans live for the 10 months from February to October each year. Watching the pros pitch and hit in HD on your big screen TV at home is quite the experience, but what if I told you that you could be missing out on some serious baseball action right in your backyard?

    Here are the top 3 reasons why you should get out to support your local Minor League Affiliate team and soak in that good ol’ ballpark experience:


    Affordable Fun

    It might seem like taking your whole family out to the ballgame would make your wallet awfully thin, but not when you’re headed to the Minor League ballpark. The average AAA baseball ticket costs under $10 - that’s less that it costs to see a movie these days! If you’re a sports fan looking for a fun way to spend a summer evening without breaking the bank, Minor League Baseball games are perfect fun and an affordable outing.

    Scout the Talent

    Supporting your local MiLB affiliate team means you’ll get a first look at the fresh young talent well before they make it big. Not only will you get a glimpse of up and coming stars, but AAA rosters often feature big leaguers fresh off the DL, and even newly acquired players on their way up to claim their MLB spot. Either way, when these players hit the Majors, you’ll be able to say you “knew them when…”

    Get Great Seats

    Tickets to sit behind the plate at Yankee Stadium cost around $500 a pop, and guys like Donald Trump usually own those seats anyway. But don’t worry; even the best AAA seats in the house are affordable, making it easy to get a close-up view of every play. Plus, sitting close means making memories with your kids and inspiring their love of baseball. You might even get to take home a game ball or even score an autograph!

    If you love baseball, then don’t miss the local MiLB action near you. Not even an HD TV can beat the ballpark experience, so get out and see a live baseball game and have a blast with the whole family!

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