Tips For Choosing A Basketball Backboard & Rim

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Apr 22, 2014 1:58:00 PM


    There are many different choices and decisions to be made upon purchasing a new basketball goal for your athletic facility. This will serve as a guide in identifying the different components and how to evaluate the needs for your facility, school or park.


    Most basketball backboards come in different sizes ranging from 48 to 72 inches. A few factors play a part in selecting the proper size for your facility or outdoor court. The size of the playing area usually dictates how large the backboard should be. We carry two sizes of backboards that seem to satisfy the needs of most schools and athletic facilities. Our 54” models give you the choice of either 12 gauge steel construction or aluminum construction.   While our glass backboards all measure out to 72” for competitive or professional applications. The 72” size of backboard is the standard size of backboards in both the NCAA and NBA.

    Our basketball backboards are constructed using three different materials: Aluminum, Glass or Steel.


    Aluminum Backboards are often simply an alternative to steel backboards. They provide excellent durability, and are very lightweight, often weighing half that of a steel backboard. Aluminum basketball backboards are often a good choice for schools and parks in outdoor settings due to their resistance to rust.


    Steel backboards are the most durable and vandal-proof of basketball goals. They’re a good choice for public parks and schools as well given their strength and durability.


    The basketball backboard used by collegiate and professional basketball programs across North America. A tempered glass backboard offers unmatched durability and is virtually unbreakable. Measuring 72” in size, glass basketball backboards are the indoor industry standard.



    We at Sport Systems carry three different varieties of basketball rims or hoops: front-mounted, rear-mounted and breakaway.

    Fixed Front-Mounted & Rear-Mounted

    Both front-mounted and rear-mounted basketball hoops are considered fixed hoops; meaning that they are directly installed to the backboard and have no flexibility or “play” to them. These types of rims are often paired with aluminum or steel backboards in outdoor settings like parks and school grounds.


    A breakaway basketball hoop is a rim that has the ability to move and bend when a participant dunks on the basketball system, often protecting the backboard from shattering. Invented in the 1970’s, breakaway rims are now used by the NCAA and NBA, and have been proven to also reduce the amount of wrist injuries in basketball players.

    We carry three models of breakaway goals:



    The 5500 is a front-mounted breakaway rim, and our best selling outdoor offering. The 5500 features a double rim style design and a factory preset coil spring break-a-way mechanism.  This goal is built for slam dunking and is comparable to any goal used on a main court basketball backstop.  This goal offers the best of both three worlds: it is built for performance, durability and offers the traditional look that the general public can identify with.  By virtue of being a break-a-way goal, this unit will stand up to heavy abuse and could also be used in unsupervised areas.  This goal features a 1-year warranty vs. manufacturer’s defects. 



    The 6600 is a rear-mounted playground grade breakaway goal, designed to minimize the replacement of bent and broken goals.






    3000_master-goal-basketball-hoop3000 Master Goal

    The 3000 Master Goal meets all NCAA and high school specifications for strength and durability. Often installed with glass backboards, the 300 Master Goal features a positive lock mechanism, hardened, heat-treated ball bearings, a 230lb pressure setting and can take up to 1400lbs of pressure without it affecting the integrity of the hoop. This hoop comes with a 10 year warranty on the breakaway mechanism and a 2 years warranty on all other rim components.




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